It’s hard to believe that our last EP, Sit and Wait, was released all the way back in late ‘07/early ’08. Time flies and stands still at the same time. The band has gone through some changes, not just in band members (we are pumped to have our new drummer, Ryan), but also in song. Katie has been busting out the electric geetar lately, Mike has been playing with some fancy new pedals, and Richard has been changing up instruments left and right.

We are in the early early beginning stages of starting on our next album, which if everything goes right will be a full length CD. What does “early early” mean, you ask? It means we have about ten songs that are just about ready to be set-in-stone, while Mike and Katie try to squeeze out a few more to round out the sound. We have started to do preliminary “at home” recordings to see what we are working with.

It’s been a challenge changing our mindset from “hey this song will sound really cool at our next show if we play it like this” to thinking about production and layering and all that good stuff. Our EP Sit and Wait has a very “sittin’-in-your-living-room-playing-music-and-drinking-all-your-beer” kind of sound, but we may want to get a little more saucy with the new album.

Never you fear though! Betty will still have her token sound. Katie is still writing half drunken/half insightful self deprecating autobiographical little ditties and Mike is still writing deep, dark, “tiptoeing through the cemetery” songs reminiscent of old country favorites.

In the meantime, make sure to come see us at a show and check out Sit and Wait (available at iTunes, CDBaby,, and Katie’s basement…just watch out for the spiders and empty beer bottles.) We would love for you to take a listen!